• February 16, 2016 /  General

    Having joined all the job agencies and job sites on the internet you might feel you have done a lot. But, you’re still not finding the right job. Don’t worry you are not alone. Follow some of the tips listed below and there is no reason why you wouldn’t find a job. Finding a job in today’s market is difficult, but don’t let that put you off.

    There is a common thought among many people that those who have more experience and intelligence, they have a better chance to find the right job . This belief may be true in some cases but however it’s not always true. Also one has to keep in mind that jobs and vacancies come and go. The first thing needed to find a job is courage. You must also stand out from the crowd and be counted. Listed below are some secret methods to find the dream job you are looking for.

    1. Online job search sites do offer tons of jobs, but only apply for jobs which fit your CV. Always look for quality and not quantity this also makes you unique. So don’t apply for jobs randomly because your CV becomes spam. The likelyhood is always there that employers will mark your application as “irrelevant” if you apply for too many jobs.
    2. Across various job sites available online there is an option box which says “Allow recruiters to search my CV”. Preferably do not tick that box you’re as you CV becomes prone to spam, also recruiters can see it and within days it becomes old.
    3. Change your CV if you can’t find a job that fits your CV exactly. Although it may be time consuming modifying your CV for every position you apply for but it’s worth it.
    4. Do you like a particular field, if so then try to master it and become an expert at it. When you become an expert you are valued more and are paid more. There is a always high demand for skilled workers..
    5. Social networking has become very popular and there’s a good reason for it. Networking is basically connecting with other likeminded people. If you’re an accountant go to an accounting seminar and network with other accountants. This will ensure that you make new contacts and possibly new jobs. Linkedin.com is a very popular networking site for professionals.
    6. If possible change your CV format once a week. Use different CV templates or re-write your CV completely. This usually works as recruiter likes to see fresh CVs, thus changing the way your CV looks has a huge impact.
    7. After the application process comes the interview , always come across as confident when on the phone to an employer or recruiter. The years of experience and number of degrees you have on your CV will not matter if you lack confidence. This is perhaps the most important part and makes up 70% of a yes or no answer.
    8. Don’t forget to be creative, dedicated and positive when searching for a job. A lot of people think this helps and indeed it does.
    9. Lastly try to use niche job sites, although they are not popular as the bigger general ones but they surely are more resourceful.


  • November 29, 2015 /  Information Technology

    If you are interested to get into the mobile business – then you must consider what you’re your potential users will gain by using your app. The first and most important thing is to give the users the exact performance or features that was advertised or android-phonepromised during the promotion. These points should be kept in mind by the developer as today’s marketplace is competitive judging by the sheer number of apps that are available in the app stores. It is also advisable for you to first analyze the requirements of the segment your app will compete in. The requirement study will give you the answers to a lot of performance or feature related questions.


    A huge mistake made by a lot of developers is that they focus on the developing the mobile app and tend to neglect the mobile app marketing part. Proper marketing plans are required for acceptance among users. Proper planning is absolutely necessary to give the apps the initial boost and exposure it needs.


    In the process of generating some interest in your app, primarily you should develop an attractive feature page listing the various features that will show its advantages and demonstrates a series of helpful benefits for its users. In case of apps that have in-app purchases, you may want to hold back on a few features in the initial download and provide users a basic free version. It is a good decision to give your potential users a free version of your app and let them discover some of the features that would be available for a premium.


    If getting an idea for your mobile app becomes difficult you can refer to various websites and blogs on the internet where articles on related issues are displayed and comments are recorded. These websites provide a lot of knowledge regarding the features on your app and also will help you to promote your mobile app.


    After completion of development you can team up with various agencies that specialize in mobile app promotion. These agencies will give your app a proper marketing plan and give it the initial exposure it needs. You can buy app installs and reviews from them or go for a aso package available with them.


    With the increasing popularity of mobile operating systems like Android and iOS , this is the best time to enter mobile app business. Good marketing and an unique idea will go a long way in being presentable to the market. Also today there are many ways to boost your income in this segment but all of it will depend on how you market you app .